The Magical Bean (and one of my many reasons to live <3)

by Sonja Johnson, RNC, CHN

Ahh, coffee. It’s the nectar of the Gods and my absolute favourite way to start a morning, much like the rest of the world. Statistically, it is Canada’s most popular beverage, with two thirds of Canadians over the age of 16 enjoying at least one cup of coffee a day! With a Tim Hortons on every second corner of most towns and cities in our country and coffee shops on every block in cities around the world, we are well equipped to get our daily dose. From delicious mocha latte Frapaccino’s to the classic black coffee, the options are endless…but have you ever wondered if it’s really good for you?

I am here to announce to you, my friends, that YES! coffee is actually beneficial to your health!  Research shows us that there are a number of fantastic reasons to drink the glorious brew.

Check them out:

1. Improves memory (long and short term)
2. Decreases fatigue
3. Improves mental functioning
4. Speeds up reaction times
5. Helps lower with risk of type 2 diabetes
6. Helps lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease
7. Helps lower the risk of liver disease
8. Helps reduce the risk of colorectal cancer

And my favourite…makes me feel invincible and gives me superhuman energy!

These health promoting properties may have something to do with the naturally occurring antioxidants found in the coffee bean. A typical serving of coffee contains more antioxidants than a normal serving of grape juice, blueberries, raspberries and oranges! That said, you wouldn’t want to replace your fruits and vegetables with a cup of java, but it’s nice to know that there are so any benefits to drinking your morning cup.

On the other side, additives (like milk, cream and sugar) can counteract some of the many benefits of a morning or afternoon coffee while black coffee can have anti inflammatory properties, milk, cream and sugar can be inflammatory additions that should be used in moderation.

Another way to make your daily caffeine hit extra healthy is to opt for organic blends. Organic beans have not been sprayed with pesticides or grown in soil with added chemicals, nor have they been genetically modified, making the organic brew even more appealing to the health conscious consumer.

So enjoy 2-3 cups of this warm delicious goodness per day my friends! Your body will love you for it <3

Yours in health & happiness,

Sonja Johnson



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