Meditation Courses

Meditation for the Modern Executive

Type: Group (no min/max)
Cost: $1500 (for group)
course: 3 one hour sessions

The modern executive faces many challenges.  There is a constant pressure which goes with climbing the corporate ladder; interactions with co-workers, managing workloads, and balancing home/social life.  Meditation can help the executive improve productivity, creativity, clarity, and balance.

Meditation Modern Executive

Meditation for Moms

Type: Group (min 5)
cost: $75/course
course: 3 one hour sessions

Moms – one of the most rewarding yet taxing roles a woman can hold. Raising a child (or children) literally shapes our society for generations to come.  Mediation can help moms with perspective, relaxation, clarity, reducing stress, and to employ the mindfulness that it takes to raise children in today’s fast-paced society.Meditation Mom

Meditation for Men

type: group (min 5)
cost: $75/course
course: 3 one hour sessions

Today’s man faces multiple adversities.  In fact, what it means to be a man no longer has a clear cut answer.  Balancing a man’s masculine and feminine energies is tricky with all of the environmental and societal influences.  Meditation can empower a man with clarity, productivity, self-awareness, and inner strength.mediation men

Meditation for Athletes

Type: group (min 5)
Cost: $75/course
Course: 3 one hour sessions

Athletes are a special breed with physical abilities that steer them toward sport. They must juggle a regular life with their training which can often cause an imbalance in one or the other.  Never mind the threat of injury, financial strain and pressures of competition. Meditation can help the athlete improve performance, sharpen concentration and focus, boost health and recovery, and reach balance.mediation athlete

One-on-One Meditation Classes

Type: individual
Cost: $225/course
course: 3 one hour sessions

Chris will teach you how to meditate to reach your own personal goals. This is a highly individualized experience that will help you grow from within. Meditation will improve your overall happiness and move you closerconsciousness and enlightenment.Mediation

Meditation Party

Type: group (no min/max)
Cost: $275 (for group)
1-2 hours

Intimidated by the idea of meditation? You’re not alone! Gather a group of like-minded friends for a laid-back and fun introduction to meditation. Host a party at your home and learn how to do this ancient practice in a comfortable, party-like environment.meditation party

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